Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer days

I'm still here, trucking along.  We are busy.  H-Mama and I were just comparing our different styles of being with the kids.  I get almost nothing done in the house when I am parenting, but I spend a lot of time on the floor playing and BEing with the kids.  We are out of the house a lot, at the parks, lakes, playgroups, interacting with other toddlers and running errands.  They LOVE Home Depot.  H-Mama gets a lot of things done with the kids playing near her.  She mows the lawn with Pequita on her lap (wearing ear protection), she does the dishes with them banging away on pots and pans, she tends to her rhubarb patch in the back 40 while they crawl around in the meadow finding deer poop to point out and collecting rocks.  We each overlap a bit on the other's style.  It works for us.

Today, the mother's helper is here and she and the babes are out on the swingset in the yard.  I was going to paint, but instead think I'll organize our horribly out of order dressing room.  We still haven't gotten the turtlenecks out of rotation on the shelves.  This is entirely my domain - H-mama won't touch it.  I'll take everything that is ugly or doesn't fit to the clothing consignment store - I intend to be ruthless.  Yeah, sure, I need to lose 30 lbs and I *could* hang on to clothing that will fit me again someday, but instead I think I'll reward myself for losing weight with the joy of buying a few new things when I need them.

This afternoon, we'll go to the CSA and get our veggies and then to the park.  It is supposed to be in the 90's, and one park has a fountain to play in.  Hope you day goes well.

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Momma Fox said...

I am having trouble getting past the dressing room. Really? An entire room devoted to clothing? I am super jealous, and I would like to see pics, please.