Monday, August 4, 2008


We arrived home at about 4 pm today.  We had thirteen voicemails; six - SIX - were from my usually uncommunicative doctor about the lab results from my appointment.   Odds are extremely high that this means that I had irregular pap smear results.  Super.  Here I come, painful conal biopsy & scary waiting period. 

Here's as good as I get in the positive thinking when it comes to my medical issues: hopefully, we can coordinate with three doctors so that on the same day that I have to get the hysterectomy these results are going to require my orthopedist can also remove the screw in my left heel that is starting to bother me, and the internist can yank my gall bladder in which I seem to have a stone or two, if the worse-than-labor pain I've been having weekly is any indication.  At least if I can get it all done in one big concurrent surgical bonanza I can save on hospital time and multiple anesthesias.

I wonder if I can slip a third child in before the hysterectomy?


Momma Fox said...

Oh...I sooo hope that your doc was just bored and fancied a chat. I'm holding thumbs for you!

Anonymous said...

Visit to watch the HERS Foundation's "Female Anatomy" video and empower yourself with information about what women consistently report after hysterectomy.

It's your right to know,


Becca said...

Oh, I hope it's nothing! I had an abnormal that resolved itself in 6 months. And I hope the rest of your ailments heal quickly too. Good luck.