Thursday, July 17, 2008

Make Love, Not War

Pequita has exited her long phase of pummeling and pushing.  She has entered the summer of love, and now wants to hug everyone.  She hugs her friends until they back away and cry.  Monito, with his older sister to observe and emulate, is ahead of the pack.  At one year old he started hugging, a long, floppy roll into your neck that inevitably gets so involved and snuggly that he ends up sliding to the floor giggling.  He also kisses, big  huge mmmmmmmm-waaaah sounds as he presses his wet slobbery mouth on various parts of your body.  We have love fests several times a day here at chez Homestead.  It is a very gratifying counterpart to the MINE MINE MINE refrain that we hear the rest of the time.

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