Friday, July 18, 2008

Funny You Should Ask...

That is what I heard when my office called this morning at 8:30 am.  One of my favorite co-workers phoned, and I was thrilled to chat a bit since I haven't seen her since I left 13 months ago.  I asked how they were managing with the recent departure of several competent folks on the administrative staff in our department.  They want to explore me working part time in some manner.  I told her that it would be great to use that part of my brain again, and that the money would be very helpful, but, you know, I've got this demanding full time job already that doesn't leave me enough time to shower some days.  Working from home might be manageable; I worked as the executive assistant for the chair of a world-class research department at a university.  When I say world-class, I mean it.  Our faculty are responsible for keeping the stock market secure, for international air traffic controlling safety, for the computers used on U.S. Dept of Defense equipment, and for little things like Google.  It was an amazingly rich place to work.  They also don't take care of their staff, hence the turnover.  My old job was filled after I left - it took a gratifyingly long time for them to find someone to replace me - but she is now swamped with all the annoying jobs left undone by the vacated staff.  I can think of some projects that I'd like to get my hands back on.  The drudgery she can keep.

We'll see.  They'd have to pay me very well to either take me away from my babes OR use up my only few hours of personal ME time in a given day.  It isn't like I am worried about getting hired again once I decide to go back full time.  I am good at what I do and have unique skills that fit many markets.  It will be nice to think about this from a place of no pressure and not really needing the work. 

My mother's helper is here, so I'm off to continue ordering the dressing room.  It is a wing off the master bedroom, kind of.  Momma Fox asked for pictures, which I will post after Dave the carpenter finishes the built-in storage, his project for this fall.  It is a 14' x 10' room with a window seat, a half bath, a space for a soaking tub which is currently taken up by my craft supplies, and our closets and shelves full of clothes.  It is glorious, and we *could* have made it smaller, made it a fourth bedroom on the second floor, whatever.  We treated ourselves in the renovations, since we expect to be living here for at least another twenty years or so.  The space overlooks the backyard and the sunset. 

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Becca said...

I know how hard the decision will be, but WOW, what a cool opportunity! And how great it must feel to know you are missed so much at work! AND how awesome is it that you can take it or leave it and be happy with your choice! Good luck.