Monday, July 21, 2008

Someone Deserves a Raise

I heard the phrase "aspirational time horizon" on NPR today on my way home. What a phrase! What a gorgeous and clever way to pander war-mongering, country-controlling swill to the people.

My heart is crying even as I admire the skilled phrasing being employed to rationalize our continued chokehold on Iraq.

From today's White House press briefing with Dana Perino:

..."Since January 2007, when President Bush announced a surge which sent more troops to Iraq and implemented a counter-insurgency strategy, we have seen a dramatic improvement in conditions on the ground. The Iraqis are increasingly able to be in the lead in combat missions, with us in overwatch. As we saw when the Iraqis security forces took back Basra, Mosul and Sadr City, they can succeed.

It is precisely because we are succeeding in Iraq that we are able to have these conversations today to set aspirational goals for time horizons when we can transition our mission to overwatch, counter-terrorism and training, which is the goal that we share. From there we'll be able to bring more troops home. This is a bilateral agreement and it is solely based on conditions on the ground -- which have improved and are likely to continue, given the trajectory -- as long as we work to cement the gains and maintain sustainable security. "

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