Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I just went to the consignment store to sell a stack of pregnancy/ breastfeeding/ how-to-keep-your-infant-alive-past-6-weeks books, since you know, now I'm an expert. I got $15 in store credit. I checked out the girls sale bin in size 3, what Pequita will be in next spring/summer. I selected:

-3 sporty dresses to wear over leggings or shorts

-2 pairs of leggings

-3 pairs of shorts

-2 skorts

-1 adorable box pleated kilt/skirt

-1 lilac oxford cloth top and bottom

-3 board books

All this, on sale, rang up at $11. I had a full stamp / bargain card which was worth $5, so the trip only cost us $6. We'll be looking awfully cute here at the Homestead next summer.

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