Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sunday brunch

The order in which I post pictures has a lot to do with the speed in which I download them from the camera. I'm willing to try posting more regularly, especially if I am up in the middle of the night for the remainder of my gestation.

Last Sunday, Homestead Mama and I took the baby out to brunch at the local hippie coffee house cafe. Live jazz guitar, a futon window seat to spread out on, and yummy vegetarian food all are gravy on top of the child tolerant atmosphere. We drank coffee, started to eat and then Pequita started grabbing for the fork. We let her try some plain yogurt from my fruit crepe, which elicited a bit of a sour scowl but didn't diminish her zeal for more. She much preferred the avacado on H-mama's omelette.
She's taking to food quite well. No allergies so far, although we have agreed that a more systematic approach could be a good idea.

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