Friday, May 11, 2007

35 week OB checkup

I just returned from my 35 week OB checkup.  My levels are all normal, my weight is down a few pounds (goodness knows how.  Here I sit at 10:30 am halfway through my lunch of leftover gnocchi, broccoli and garlic) and the fetal heartbeat is steady and strong in the 140s.  The doc offered to give me an ultrasound since my weight is down and I've only gained 5 pounds at this point.  I asked what the benefit would be - what would we do differently?  He replied that if the fetus was actually undersized they might take it early, as it might thrive better outside the womb.  Then he checked my fundal height, and I'm a generous 35 cm, which means the fetus seems to be right on track.  By the amount of discomfort I'm having due to sheer bulk & the number and nature of kicks inside me, I'm not worried about the vigor of the fetus at all.  The doc agreed that it looks fine.  (Oy, can you BELIEVE I turned down an ultrasound chance to see the kid again?  I can't, but I'm really not worried about the size of the fetus.)
I go back in 2 weeks for my strep test and they'll check my cervix at that point if I want to see if I've started to dilate.  SURE I want to know if I'm dilating or not - who wants to risk having their water break in a work meeting in front of all your colleagues and boss?  Any clues to help me avoid that would be most welcome.
Given my energy levels and my fairly constant discomfort - and the +/- 5 weeks left - I may actually adjust the start time of my leave so I stop work a week before my due date.  I'll have to see.  I go meet with the HR rep at work next Teusday to discuss how much leave I have left, having already taken 4 weeks off last fall for parental leave.

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