Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Better than daycare

We have Pequita in a home daycare with a single woman. She is good with the kids, and Pequita loves to play with the other kids. She is the youngest there, and all the older kids (14 months - 30 months) dote on her and like to bring her toys and interact with her. This is good. One downside is that we don't like the back up caregiver - if Daycare Lady has a doctors appointment or something that pulls her away from the kids, I make every effort to take time off work or get my own backup. This morning, Daycare Lady was at the chiropractors so Hottie Friend came over first thing to care for Pequita until she can safely be dropped off at daycare. I received this photo on my cell phone at 9:43 this morning - clearly, all is well. She even put sunblock on her! Apparently, there was a little explosive diarrhea right after this pleasant interlude, but that just meant that a nice bath was the surprise activity of Pequita's morning. Yay for Hottie Friend, a.k.a. Fairy Godmother.

Daycare Lady just called and is back home. Hottie Friend is having such a good time with Pequita that they will remain in the yard for a bit longer, enjoying each other's company.


Delivery to daycare was delayed due to a sudden nap - baths are exhausting. I will take this opportunity to thank my sister & sister-in-law for the adorable pink elephant overall shorts. We all love them.

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