Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Birth class (redux)

Homestead Mama and I attended the abbreviated version of birthing class this past Saturday. (Before her birth, as complete novices, we did the 6-week course.) This one was a 4-hour yoga based class taught by a local yoga teacher who also teaches the prenatal yoga class I attended until I was unable to lay on the floor. To be accurate, I could lay on the floor beautifully, I just can't get up OFF the floor without assistance. My bones settle as my relaxin-affected
tendons stretch, and it is most painful trying to hoist myself off a hard surface. Hysterically funny to watch, by the response I get from Homestead Mama and others, but excruciating.

Saturday was a gorgeous day here, and the windows were open on Yoga Teacher's second floor loft space. They overlook our town's central pedestrian square, with coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants, art and fountains. There was a hippie ensemble playing music the whole afternoon and the faint sounds of banjo, guitar and harmonica wafted in as a soundtrack for the class. It was lovely. There were seven couples attending, and the mood was jovial and excited. We learned comfy, supportive poses to utilize in labor. (Yes, I know, 'comfy' and 'in labor' don't belong in the same sentence. Humor me - I only have a few weeks of denial left.) We had facilitated discussions about our (perceived) greatest challenges - mine? Clearly, that I will be trying to take care of everyone else in the birthing room. Homestead Mama's? That she will fail me, be too nervous to support me in the way I need. Good to know - both seem manageable. We did actually learn some positions that seemed like they'd work for me. With my left ankle fused at 90 degrees, many of the squat/kneeling/floor positions are difficult without special support, which we addressed. I will have some special props, but ought to be ok.

Midway through class we got a text message from Hottie Friend, who had graciously taken time out of her busy end-of-semester schedule to care for Pequita. She sent some photos to assure us that the kid was still thriving and happy, and enjoying her first ever hammock experience. I have come to rely on these visual updates, and love the reassurance that the kid is ok, but more importantly that she loves her Auntie. And her tongue, which makes an appearance in the second picture.

We left the class and grabbed a quick bite of sushi to fortify our tired bodies. It was absolutely delicious - we haven't had fish since before Pequita was born to avoid the mercury in everything. The recent reports are that there is little to no harm for pregnant women to eat sushi as long as it is fresh, so we indulged with vigor. Then off to pick up our by now cranky baby, and home for a long night of birth talk and rest.

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Momma Penguin said...

she really IS a hottie! my tongue would be hanging out too :-).
back to grading...