Monday, May 14, 2007

Lesbians on mothers day

Someone asked me, "What do lesbians DO on mother's day?" The answer is easy. We go to EMS (East*rn Mount*ain Spo*rts) and buy ourselves a new Thule roof rack for our newish car so we can haul around our mountain bikes, canoes, furniture, etc. What good is a car with no roof rack, I ask you? Then we go out for lunch (Mexican) then home for a nap en famille. Perfect.
Greg, our intrepid EMS employee and Thule specialist helping Homestead Mama install the roofrack in the parking lot. I might have been able to get it cheaper online, but after they struggled for 30 minutes to get it on correctly, I think we made the right choice.

(The second thing *I* do, quietly, is tally up the cards Homestead Mama receives for Mother's Day congratulating her on her motherly status but making no mention of me at all. Then I delete the sender's addresses from our Christmas card list. Unless, say, it is my father-outlaw & his wife. No luck Homestead Mama will forget their address, so I just toss the card when no one is looking. Bad me.)

The real question is what do lesbian's do on Father's Day. For us, we've decided to make it Family Day, and celebrate the adoptions of each other's kids each year. I'm midway through the process of adopting Pequita. Once Monito/a is born, Homestead Mama will have to adopt him/her too, or it will never be safe to travel through Oklahoma or Virginia, or many international countries. One more method of discrimination. I could totally use the $3000+ on something else, like French doors for our kitchen, or a nice trip to Europe. Instead, we'll invest it in making our family as legal as a straight family gets to be for free. And we'll be grateful we have the opportunity to do so, unlike many other gay families around the world.

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