Tuesday, May 1, 2007


We were lying in bed this morning admiring the kid while she nursed and cooed.  When she's hungry, she grabs Homestead Mama's whole boob and wraps her pudgy little arms around it in a big proprietary bear hug while she latches on; once she starts getting full, she blows and makes sounds around the nipple and pats it happily.  It is quite cute.   As this is happening this morning, all of a sudden I feel a sharp needle-like stabbing in my left nipple (and you'll know you aren't a close enough friend or family member to be reading this if you just grimaced) and I looked down to discover that witnessing Pequita's boob-love of Homestead Mama was making me leak what could only have been early colostrum.  Bizarre, and the first time it has happened.  My doc said it could happen, but I hadn't seen it yet.  Maybe this is why Pequita, after 4 months of having NOTHING to do with comfort nursing on my 'dry boobs',  is willing now to latch on me when trying to go to sleep IF Homestead Mama isn't around.  Maybe she's been getting a little something from me.  Quite remarkable.  I feel very proud for some odd reason.  And like a cow.


Kim said...

Watching Homestead Mama produce her vast quantities of milk STILL amazes me. (The mama cow/sow image still makes me chuckle a bit.) I wonder if you will start having milk-production competitions once yours starts coming in "full stream ahead".

Kim said...

On another blog I read, the mom had written, "I make milk--what's your superpower?" So now you can get rid of your cape and just say "moo"!