Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day weekend

Homestead Mama's big garage sale is upon us.  We've emptied the house of piles of assorted extra stuff we haven't used in years, a good amount of furniture, and some things from the garage.  We will sell it for Sun, then on Monday it becomes a Freecycle sale, which means everything left over is free for the taking.  This is a great way to ensure that nothing comes back into the house.  We have a few antiques we are selling that we'll take to an auction house if we don't get the price we want.  This is a big relief for me - I'm a little worried about trying to raise 2 young kids in a death trap house full of clutter.

The OB appointment on Friday morning was great. I dropped my knickers for the first time w/ him, and he swabbed for the strep B test. then he checked me for any progress. First thing he said, while chuckling, was that I have a HUGE pelvis and should have no trouble delivering the baby. I suppose I should take that as a compliment - not something I ever thought I'd want to hear, but in this instance he couldn't have delivered a nicer more reassuring compliment. My cervix is 1 cm dilated, and he could feel the baby's head, which I assume means I am effaced to some degree. The OB said that while we have no idea what will happen, he thinks I'll last at least one more week. Monita/o's heartbeat is holding steady in the 140s, and my BP was nice and low.  Thanks to the bad reaction I had to the spicy food, I had lost a half pound.  Regardless, Homestead Mama still keeps noting how I am looking enormous (she's sweet like that). 

We went to the farmers market in town this morning for breakfast and coffee with Hottie Friend which was delightful.  We mean to go every week, but usually get waylaid with sleeping in, or appointments, or dog activites.  There was a troupe of drummers playing which entertained Pequita very nicely.  She garnered a lot of attention, as she is quite enchanted with all things public these days, and consequently enchants those around her with her grin and giggle.  A woman I knew only by sight from softball years ago, and whom I keep running into around town now that I have joined her in motherhood and frequent similar places, approached us and we had a nice chat, and we agreed to start up a play group for our ~7 month olds after I deliver.  She seems really nice, and clearly has a similar lifestyle, so I am excited at the prospect.  Plus, she's got two older kids so must have good experiences & advice to share, which is always good.

After the farmers market, we proceeded on to the hospital for the second non-stress test, and all looked good. I am having contractions that stop me in my tracks with some regularity. If I have to go to the bathroom, it is pretty uncomfortable/painful.  At least they are now being productive, which makes it easier to take.  We had the nurse help us today who was our nurse when Homestead Mama delivered Pequita.  I have a strong dislike for her - she is a bit of a dolt, with no social skills and lacks warmth and affect.  What kind of nurse interrupts the doctor when he is speaking about how things are going to offer a drink or adjust the monitor or anything?  Yuck.  I have instructed Hottie Friend to eject her from my delivery if she somehow gets assigned to us - I can't handle her energy when I have all my faculties at my disposal, let alone in labor.  Homestead Mama dislikes confrontation to the point that I think Hottie Friend will be a better hard-ass-on-call. 

I was planning on working up until I go into labor, but I'm starting to think that at least going half time will be a good idea soon. I have a lot to do at home, and naps are just delightful at this point. It is rough, also, picking up our DD, who at 7.5 mos is 20 lbs (90th percentile, and heavy!) We'll see what happens. I have some tidying up of my desk & workload to do for my replacement.

The ticker at the top of the blog says I have only 20 days left til due date.  Yikes!  I need to get the bag packed for the hospital. I have a small pile of stuff to take, just have to finish it and put it in something. More importantly is getting a bag of stuff ready for Pequita. We have a few folks to watch her, depending on the time of day I go into labor etc. but they'll all need clothing, diapers, formula, etc., not to mention a page or two of instructions.  Hopefully, my parents will have enough time to get here from Boston so my mom can watch the baby before we're otherwise occupied with heavy labor.  

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Momma Penguin said...

Ah -- the garage sale! You are correct, we simply don't have the space for such things. But fear not, the Brits have found a way around this problem. The car boot sale. Boot = trunk. So what happens is a bunch of people drive on to a field, and pitch up with their car boots open. Some sell directly out of the boot, some put up a little table, and/or rail of clothing, flea market style. The best bit for me are the sausages & other unhealthy (mostly meaty) snacks also on offer.