Monday, May 28, 2007

Garage sale update

Homestead Mama earner herself over $300 hawking her beloved items on our lawn (mostly stuff that has been packed away and hasn't seen the light of day in over 6 years).  At the end of the weekend, we were tuckered out and sunburned, but the house is much emptier of stuff we don't need, Homestead Mama has a huge pile of papers & stuff to burn in our fire pit (she prefers this to recycling), and she admitted that, "purging our stuff feels kind of good."  Phew.  We advertised that after 3pm today, everything left is free in the spirit of NOT taking anything back inside.  We had cars starting to drive by, scoping out the things that were left, starting at noon.  At 2:45, people parked and waited for us to say they could take what they wanted for nothing.  Oy vey.  We finally culled out the few things we want to get actual money for - the antiques and collectibles - and let them have at it.  Starving students, people so cheap that $5 was too much to pay for a lovely new area rug, families with one full mouth of teeth between them, all had Christmas in our front yard.  Doesn't matter, really, as long as we no longer have to vacuum around this stuff. 

Next step: rearrange what's left. 
Secondly: deep cleaning of house. 
Thirdly: start chipping away at small task list of easy things to do on house that will make it more pleasant for visitors.
Fourthly: deliver new baby and come home to a lovely, tidy, slightly more sparsely decorated home. 
Somewhere in there is: pack bags for hospital, write birth plan, and pack a bag to send with Pequita to whomever her caregiver ends up being when I go into active labor.  I'm not sure why I have a block with this.  For Homestead Mama's delivery, I was ready 6 weeks before her due date.  I guess I am a little in denial in addition to assuming I'll have several hours of extra time to kill once my labor starts but before it gets bad.  An assumption that I shouldn't count on.  Oh well.  I'll make a packing list at work tomorrow in some spare time.

Pequita has been needy, clingy and snuggly ever since her vaccinations on Friday.  She was like this last time, too.  It isn't so bad, it is just that whoever is tending to her can't get much done - since H-mama was doing all sorts of heavy lifting and sorting, this was me.  Pequita spent the whole day today on my lap playing with a toy or two under a sun shade observing the garage sale.  She particularly likes traffic now - cars go by and her eyes light up.  Cyclists pass in pairs and her eyes widen as she follows their progress.  Bikers go by on their Harley Davidsons and she drops all toys, swivels her head, and watches the horizon after they have left her sight, then she turns to us with her mouth in the shape of an O and her eyes ablaze.  The noise is clearly captivating.  No wonder Harley tried to patent the sound of their motorcycles.  I don't see the appeal, but Homestead Mama, who had her years as a motorcycle rider, feels great pride. 

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