Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

We had wheels again, albeit rented, and made good use. Earth Day was today, and I would have totally missed it had not a friend invited us to a local event. It was overcast, cool, drizzling, and uninspired, but the kids enjoyed the small gathering and craft events. Hula hoops, lawn bowling, make-your-own turtle and planting seeds all went over well.

The kids were exhausted upon returning home at 5pm. The original Pippi Longstocking TV series on DVD had arrived in the mailbox, as had the Sound of Music remastered DVD. Much excitement ensued. They collapsed in assorted tiny chairs to veg to Pippi while I made dinner for them.

Homestead Mama arrived home just as I served a delicious stand-by meal of mac and cheese with TVP with extra cheese and garlic, with sides of steamed broc and watermelon. They all ate, had a quick tubby and then watched the songs most loved from the Sound of Music in karaoke style, an option on the new DVD, while we dressed them for bed. Pequita makes me act out the youngest girl's part of the So Long, Farewell song over and over on our stairs. She scoots up on her butt while I sing, then go scoop her up and sing the end while she squints her eyes shut pretending to be asleep. Over and over, did I mention?

I bought Monito a digger excavator early in the day while on the town Commons playing with friends. He hauled it everywhere we went all day; the store, napping in the car, the playground, the Earth Day celebrating. He carried it out of the car and into the house, barely letting it go.He is, right now, post-tubby, clutching it to his naked chest as he watches songs from the Sound of Music. His love knows no bounds, apparently.

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