Thursday, April 9, 2009


I ordered a big box of wooden things recently from here. It is an amazing resource for imaginative play and most things are pennies apiece so it is easy to buy enough to satisfy two kids and the gremlin who steals small toys in our house. We've had a jar of wooden acorns from this store for a year that we play with all the time; we use them for food for our animals, we roll them, we use them as game pieces, and things to count. The most recent box full of goodness contained wooden eggs in 4 sizes, peg people in six sizes and styles, and a trio of lighthouses. The latter were a bit of a chancey purchase, but Monito LOVES his lighthouses, and carries them around chanting their sizes, "BIIIIIG, meedle, ay teeny." Pequita can't keep her hands off the 'peg peoples'.
I have been insanely craftipated [craft + constipated = when all my crafty impulses are stymied at every turn by toddler needs] and needed to JUST MAKE SOMETHING. I stuck Pippi Longstocking into the DVD player, put down a platter of watermelon, and successfully diverted the kids. I plugged in the glue gun - who has time to sew? - gathered my felt stash, and a few minutes later voila! Elves. Pequita decided they would live in the Haba jewelry box we got at the Salvation Army for $2 months ago. Perfect. I've seen them in a few places on the web, but this is the one I bookmarked. Check out her other items - we're definitely going to make some peg gnomes with acorn cap hats. Then I'll have to make a tree house for them to live in.

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