Saturday, April 25, 2009


I wanted to call her Zippity, but was outvoted*. We bought her a couple hours ago; we go back on Tuesday to pick her up. We got a good enough deal, and had them throw in some extras like a roof rack and cargo net and cover. I swear, I should have had the salesman to throw in a set of snow tires too after Pequita dropped a big metal ramp on her foot while we were ignoring her and signing paperwork. My goodness the sales team mobilized quickly at the sound of her screams.

We took the kids to the McDonald's indoor playground next door to the dealer afterwards to reward their patience, such as it was. It is like the Lord of the Flies in their.

*I'm TOTALLY having a third kid so the tiebreaker can fall in my favor next time.
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Becca said...

COOL! Congratulations. It's beautiful!