Thursday, April 16, 2009

Car days

On the days I have a car, the kids and I run errand after errand. Yesterday we shopped for French doors to install in our kitchen. When we first gutted and renovated, we framed for this door, so we can just cut a hole through the wall and drop in the door - one really good bit of forethought. There are plans to build a stone terrace outside these new doors, but that is down the road. For now, we'll have a small deck and then a nice expanse of graded lawn to use as our outdoor eating area. With the recession in place, we aren't having any difficulty getting people hired to do the work.

Outside one of the places I went for a door quote there was a stream with a bridge. We had a super time collecting rocks and tossing them from the middle of the bridge into the water.

We also picked up a child-sized wheelbarrow at the home store. I didn't intend to get one, but Monito pounced on it the moment we entered the store, drove it all the way back to the door department, played happily with it while I chatted with the door salesman and then drove it back to the front of the store. He screamed at the mere suggestion that we leave it behind, and so he drove it right out to the car. Once home, when I asked him what he was going to do with it, he said "Rocks, Mommy". True to his word, he pushed it right over to the rock pile near the driveway, loaded it up and moved pretty big rocks around the yard. I had to bodily block him from taking into the house at the end of the day. .
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Grandma said...

So happy to hear about the french doors! Will be great to have a second way out of the house in case of emergency. Should be great to see those beautiful sunset too.