Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Brother

The kids and I took two of the three dogs to the vet this morning for wellness exams and shots. That would have been a total nightmare if we didn't have exceptional dogs and pretty good kids. I jest. Sort of. Oh how my kids like to watch beings other than themselves get shots. They patted and comforted the pooches, saying 'its ok, don't cry'.

Anyway, after we weighed the dogs I tossed the kids on the nice big floor scale which they thought was funny. 30 month old Pequita tipped the scales at 35 lbs exactly. Her brother, eight months younger, weighed in at 35.6 lbs. He's as tall as she is as well. I don't know if this is normal boy/girl growth speed, but I'm still a little blown away.

(For any of you who know our dog Cody, she is hanging tough a year after her cancer diagnosis. Her thyroid tumor is ever bigger but she is not manifesting any symptoms. None of us expected her to live this long; while I love the new dog Cosmo, three dogs over 60 lbs is something I wouldn't have signed on for again. Oh yes, we used to have four. Sigh. Both toddlers like to help with the poop-scooping in the yard. I'm such a proud mother.)
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Anonymous said...

i love the idea of having your babies help with the poop scooping activities! it's fantastic that cody is still hanging in there! way to go girl!

Becca said...

Monito is a healthy guy! He weighs more than Charlie too. But Charlie has slowed way down so he probably weighed about that six months ago when he was two. I have not attempted the vet with my one dog and two kids. You are a brave lady.