Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wonder Week 5

I had forgotten. It took me 2 hours and 45 minutes, milk from both boobs, singing and constant bouncing on the yoga ball to get Monito to sleep. We had a lovely day with a 2 mile walk in the sun by the lake during which he slept, clearly saving his strength for this evening. I just ate dinner at 11 pm. He did like his 8 pm bath, and made his happy sound a lot when I had him submerged up to the armpits in warm water. (The happy sound is a nasal little sigh which is usually accompanied by a smile-like expression and lots of eye contact. Very endearing.) Then came the crying/spitting up/ eating/ spitting up jag that lasted until he collapsed.

So more stories will have to wait. Goodnight!

(Of note lately: Pequita tested a tiny bit high for lead in her blood - very bad. We retested at the hospital and are waiting for results. She learned to hold her bottle inverted to drink from it herself. She took her first step today. Monito is holding his head up much of the time. He tracks us with his eyes well. He still isn't growing hair on the top of his head :( but I guess there is still time. He will hold himself up with his legs, and will arrange his body by pushing with arms and legs on me.)

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