Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Easy Come, Easy Go

The car is back in the shop. Intermittent power to the dash (no speedometer at around 60 mph. Eerie.) Also,
'check engine' light is on. Homestead Mama and I are resolute. It is as if our car had a heart transplant, and now we need to monitor it for a while until all the symptoms are worked out.

Can I say, though, that no matter how many errands I got done today, I am sorely disappointed to be housebound again? There will be nothing left to do tomorrow but chores. Sigh.

Monito is clearly in his Wonder Week 5. He ate all day. He nursed through 5 different stores, and cried in the car in between stores. I have resorted to liberally swabbing my tired affected areas with lanolin to aid in keeping them up to the challenge of feeding him through the growth spurt. If needed, I do have a freezer drawer full of frozen pumped milk. This is a relief, and well worth all the late night pumping, however annoying at the time. He also fusses and cries in between feeding during the witching hours, for him about 5 pm - 11 pm. Now that I'm back on the ball, it is much more manageable for both of us. Also, we reinstalled the string of colored Christmas lights in the living room - a very whiskey tango decor look, since they are just dangling along a wall mirror, but they amaze and distract the boy in this phase, which is a huge blessing. We'll take them down in a few weeks when they we are all more relaxed.
Monito didn't particularly enjoy the thrill of being carried down this 150 year old steep staircase by a mum with a bad ankle in this vehicle. Cute though, eh?

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