Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July

It is pouring rain here, has been all day. Monito and I figured out how to side-lie nurse at about 4 am, and I slept 5 hours straight because of it. Bliss. I felt fabulous upon waking. Then I took a nap around 3 pm. I woke up happier still and STARVING.

Here are Pequita and Monito sleeping, just to keep up the theme.

Check out the size of his hands! He is plumping up, and has developed little jowls. I figured out that much of his congestion might be from spitting up - last night I caught him leaking spit up from his nostril. I was horrified, as that could really be uncomfortable. I did nothing but lots of burping and sleeping upright today since it is a holiday, but first thing tomorrow I'll be calling the doc to see if a medicine for reflux might be appropriate. Poor boy!

We spend a lot of time on this bench, as Pequita practices her standing on it and it is right by the front door.

Homestead Mama trying to whip the back 40 into submission. We got a little behind the mowing since the mower broke and the baby came. H-mama fixed the mower and is putting the acreage to rights.

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