Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I've got wheels

We picked up the Toyota tonight at 9 pm (it took us that long to get ourselves organized after H-mama got home from work).  She will drive it to work tomorrow to test it out, new engine and all.  I'll be back in my beloved Volvo.  Joy!  I have a long list titled "Car chores" consisting of things I was waiting for a car to accomplish.  First on the list, after driving up to pay my car guy the $3100 we owe him - ack choke! - is to buy Maya her own wallet just like mine, get some key blanks and credit card  blanks and outfit it just like mine.  The only thing that will soother her when she is melting down is my wallet, and I live in fear of losing it.  For example, I just went out to fetch it from under her car seat where it fell after she was done playing with it.  I think the leather feels good on her sore gums, but any ace in the hole to have in reserve for the 7 hour drive to our chosen vacation spot is a good investment at this point.

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DrilGrrl said...

We tried this too with Graem--it didn't work! She knew it wasn't the real thing. Same with the cell phone--she put up a fight because there wasn't any service plan with her phone!