Sunday, July 22, 2007

Grandma Goes Home (Retro post, July 17)

This was my mother's last full day here with us. She arrived at 7am on June 13 after driving through the night to care for Pequita while I gave birth to Monito. It has been about 5 weeks, and while it is really too long for an easy visit, our lives have been much the better for her presence. We have been forced to work through inevitable arguments, and be civil in the face of grumpiness. She had tirelessly cared for Pequita when Homestead Mama is at work, doing yard work, working on a project or needs a nap. She has kept the house a damn sight cleaner than it ever would have been, kept us in quite yummy homemade food and stocked our freezer with casseroles and food to last us the next several months. All this has given me time with Monito that I wouldn't have had - time to fall in love with him, work through my breast feeding issues, mostly just time to be selfishly focused on me and my new baby. It is a huge gift.

We went out to lunch at the local Mexican-fusion joint. The street outside was torn up and crawling with construction workers, equipment and vehicles. Noisy, busy and wafting diesel exhaust - PERFECT for entertaining a 9 month old. We had a tasty lunch while Monito slept and Pequita stared all agog at the activity.

Afterwards we took the babes to the park. I ran into some friends with babies and reconnected with them - the more folks I have to call to hang with the better. Mom kept up with Pequita, and brought her into the fountain for the first time. After an initial skittishness, she embraced the cold sprinklers and the other kids were very kind to her, talking her through the vagaries of filling super-soaking guns, how to best run through without getting your face wet and other wisdom. She didn't want to leave, and quickly graduated from clinging to grandma to going it alone with the spray. Next time, however, I'll have to have some swim diapers on hand. Her diaper was totally soggy and heavy after 30 minutes in water.

Facing time at home alone with the baby with no car, we ran errands and went shopping, stocking up the fridge. Then home for a nap all around before Homestead Mama got home from work. Mom left the next day at about 10 am - I'm sure my dad was happy to have her home again. I miss her and keep calling to update her on the kids. She is loving her own bed, but said she is lonely without the grandkids at arms reach.


Momma Penguin said...

I think this might be my all-time favourite Pequita picture! Such a busy learner.

Homestead Mom said...

Thanks. I really wanted to capture it, as she made a 180 degree attitude change in about 10 minutes as she learned that all was well in this strange new environment and how to interact with it. She was barely responding to us at all, as all her focus was on learning what was in front of her.