Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Firstly, my copy of Harry Potter arrived from the UK. I like their version much better than the US version, plus I'm offended that the US publishers strip the book of all things British, like we don't know what a lorry is, or a bloke. Harrumph. The best thing of all? It will take me forever to read it, since I will be reading it in 2 page increments due to parenting.

Secondly, I wanted to update the night time situation. It is much much better. I have started swaddling Monito despite his regular protests, and this makes him sleep the night through (ptthuh, ptthuh - the sound of spitting to ward off evil & jinxes), with maybe one waking. This is wonderful - fantastic, even. Except I am still waking up at least twice to deal with the milk that threatens to morph into blocked ducts or worse if I don't pump. Homestead Mama, whose milk supply is stable and steady, has generously offered me Pequita in the nighttime. She can decant off enough milk when she wakes enough to nurse to ease my discomfort. Seems odd, though, to be pumping 6 - 12 oz of milk per night & freezing it while the boy sleeps on. The La Leche monthly night meeting was cancelled tonight, so I'll have to wait until next Wednesday's 10 am meeting to chat about this. On the plus side, I have successfully tandem nursed twice now, and Pequita, while curious to the point of popping off the boob repeatedly to examine her brother & check out what must seem like odd competition, seems perfectly willing to participate. This consists of me nursing Monito in a regular cradle hold, and Pequita sits on the bed/couch and leans her head back onto my lap on top of Monito's feet and nurses too. It is quite amazing to behold. It will only get easier as Monito can maneuver his own head better.

Third. My dashingly handsome son, who is 5.5 weeks old, is wearing 3 - 6 month old clothing - definitely not too big, see?

His little legs and arms poke out of all the 0 - 3 month clothes we saved from Pequita. He is displeased, clearly, at the hand-me-down situation, as evidenced by his expression of being captured on film in PINK POLKA DOTS.
Fourth. Pequita's real lead levels are 8.75. A score of 9.0 is the upper end of what they are comfortable with, so she is pushing the limit. We are diligently de-leading the homestead, and will recheck her blood in 3 months at her regular checkup. If it isn't improved, I believe we then call in the Lead Mitigating Team from the health department. There is no treatment until her blood reaches the 40 level, so this is all we can do now. Doesn't seem like enough to me.
Fifth. Pequita is definitely relaxing to her brothers presence. She might be learning 'gentle' in regards to her touching, as she is doing better at not grasping immediately for his soft spot with her sharp and strong little fingers, but she looks for him in the room now when she enters it, and turns to him when he chirps and squeals. This is GREAT news.
Sixth. I had some thoughts about things non-children, as well as (I think) some really good and useful tips on pregnancy, birthing and the post-natal period, but now that I've posted pics and updated on the babes Monita has woken up. Sigh.

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