Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lazy Sunday (Retro Post, July 15th)

Our last weekend with my mother here to help out. We slept in as long as possible. This translates into Homestead Mama getting up with Pequita at 7am & taking her downstairs to play until 9am, when she brings her back up and they return to sleep. I've been in bed with Monito all this time, since he starts fussing at 4am and I only doze for the last few hours of the night. We wake up to this, usually:
Family life with two babies is never dull, and we are rarely still anymore. One of the babes is usually active and awake and needing tending. It is manageable with both of us present, but when only one of us is available, complications set in quickly. When we return from our lovely beach vacation in mid-August and I am planning to be home with both babes alone, I expect much crying (from all of us) as we adjust to not getting what we want when we want it. This picture really captures how my brain perceives the 1 parent to 2 baby ratio - all is well, but things are moving fast.
Pequita has definitely figured out that her brother exists and is here for her to abuse. H-mama was tending to her while I tried to capture Monito's blue eyes before they change to brown (which I am still hoping doesn't happen) and here are two pictures taken 4 seconds apart.

1. happy baby enjoying his soothie:
2. baby confused at sister's plump arm removing his soothie long before he was done with it. Seconds later, it was in her happy mouth being gnawed on to relieve sore teething gums.

Poor Monito has a few rough months left as he trails behind his very active savant sister in size and dexterity. He'll catch up soon enough.


Momma Penguin said...

Oh fabulous -- sibling rivalry in action. Can I use this pic in my teaching?

Homestead Mom said...

Absolutely. I wish I had the third pic of the triptych - Pequita gleeful with the soothie jauntily sticking out of the corner of her mouth and the baby below her looking confused. Maybe I'll take one retroactively...

Jillian said...

They are both so beautiful :)