Sunday, July 8, 2007

Farmer's Market, Smalltown, NY

We love the farmer's market. The veggies are stacked high and green, the crafts and art are exceptionally good, and it is right on the lakefront. The food vendors are super and the gourmet coffee flows all day. There are musicians busking in a few places with no overlap of noise. Heaven on earth. We have been trying to go every Saturday morning for breakfast, socializing and to get our weekly veggies since we didn't sign up for a
CSA this summer - we'll have enough expenses coming up. (2 more car seats for Monito once he outgrows the infant seat Pequita vacated at an unbelievably early 7 months. I may ask Santa for them.) Anyway, we ate our Sri Lankan vegetarian food alongside some of the best spicy ribs known to humankind while sitting by the water. Here's a proud Grandma showing Pequita how to feed ducks from the docks. You can see the covered market area behind her. There are benches and sculpture and lovely play areas all along the water. Did I get pictures of those? No. Maybe next week.Here is a picture of Monito (granted, asleep in his fully reclined section of the best stroller in the world.) He is enjoying the folk band playing just beyond him immensely.

We did errands, cleaned and rested the rest of Saturday. I did get the Amby Hammock set up. I bought it for a steal off Craigs List last weekend in the off chance it helped with Pequita's new very light sleeping, and in hopes that Monito will be able to sleep in it when we go to the beach in August. So far, Pequita is quite happy in it. I ordered the extra strong spring that the hammock hangs from, since she is already at the top end of the allowed weight limit for the standard spring. It snugs around her like arms when we lay her in it, and if she moves or twitches at all it bounces and jiggles and sways in a most comforting way. She sleeps better in it than anywhere else other than on our chests in the rocker. Already it is worth what I paid, and if I resell in on Ebay once we are done with it I can easily net a $75 profit since I got it so cheaply. Monito is so far unimpressed, but doesn't hate it.Here is a comparison between Pequita at 8.5 months and Monito at 2.5 weeks. He is swaddled in green gauze, as he is in training for good sleeping habits like his sister has displayed up until a few weeks ago. She always nurses on Homestead Mama who sleeps on her left, and then flips around to face my side of the bed and whacks her hands and feet onto whoever is in her way. This night it was her brother. You can see the damp spots on his swaddle where my overzealous breasts have leaked on him while feeding. Thank goodness we got the super duper washer/dryer pair - we've been doing a load per day at least since he came home from the hospital.Sunday morning Homestead Mama was up early with Pequita. I stayed in bed with Monito, who had been struggling with gas since 4 am, grunting, whining and sleeping restlessly and only on my chest. At 9:30, Grandma woke up and took over watching Pequita so H-mama could come back to bed. After sleeping in, we zipped over to a friends house to pick raspberries. I sat on the porch nursing Monito and enjoying the view of the lake with said friend while Grandma and Homestead Mama picked 8 quarts of berries. Pequita was asleep on H-mama's back in the Ergo carrier my sister loaned us - it worked like a dream. All would have been well if Pequita hadn't removed her sun hat before falling asleep - no one noticed for at least an hour, so focused on eating & picking were they. We'll see just how good her genetics are, and if she burns by tomorrow. She showed no sign of having gotten any sun at all, so maybe my lathering her with sunblock before leaving the house helped.
Then it was home for a quick freshening up, and preparing dinner for our neighbors. We love to cook for them, as they both reciprocate regularly and totally appreciate good food. We had buffalo meat steaks, artfully prepared by Homestead Mama after a crash course in grilling by my father while he was here after Monito's birth, along with my wild mushroom polenta, kale & garlic, and CSA salad the neighbor brought. Dessert was, unsurprisingly, raspberries and cream. Early to bed in preparation for one last week of parental leave for Homestead Mama and visiting for my mom. I'll be on my own as of the 16th or so. I'm excited and full of trepidation. And really really hoping I have a car back soon.

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