Friday, June 8, 2007


Pequita and I had a lovely 20 minutes outside in the 90+ degree weather. I got Pequita set up in the shade with a couple of toys. She tolerated being set down fairly well as long as I stayed in sight and loudly sang her favorite song, Oom Pah Pah from the musical Oliver. (All about alcoholism and whoring around, but with a catchy beat.) I imagine the people in cars driving by thought I was a nutcase, but it couldn't be helped. If the singing stopped, the crying began. I have already done more humiliating things since we brought Pequita home than ever before in my life - dignity is easy to sacrifice for a smile.

I weeded the lily of the valley bed - the weeds were so bad that we totally missed the blooming last month. Mostly useless weeds, but I also pulled enough spearamint to make enough iced tea to last the week. Keeping in mind that I'm 9 months pregnant and only had 20 minutes, here's the before:
and the after:

The dogs came out with me and after a short romp, decided that yes, it really was too hot to trot. We all retired back into the cool house when Pequita started to choke on a mint leaf. She really hates having her mouth swept out with a finger, and the screaming was angry and loud. I made it up to her by introducing her to mango - oh, the joy. Mango love:She cried for more when she sucked the first piece out of her little mesh bag. Then about 40 seconds of bottle before she crashed for a nap. I'm blogging fast so I can join her.

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