Sunday, June 17, 2007

Saturday update

I am doing well, as is Monito. We are still ensconced in the hospital, where it is comfy, the bed is electric, people fetch me things that I need and there is 24 hour nursing and lactation consulting. I could have gone home yesterday, physically; I had passed all the recovery criteria for C-sections. However, Homestead Mama regrets having left the hospital early after delivering Pequita and encouraged me to stay the extra couple days. I have really enjoyed having some quiet time to get to know Monito all by ourselves. He is so tiny and so strong, and me being able figure out his cycles and how to soothe him before we go home will make all our lives easier. Also, my hormones are doing exactly what they are supposed to and rendering me a puddle of emotion. I am not really fit for the real world right now.

So much is going on and changing, both physically and emotionally, I want very much to blog it all. Soon as I can, I will.


Momma Penguin said...

Glad to hear you are taking advantage of 24 hour nursing care. He looks just so perfect. I hope you are feeling better and better every day too. I look forward to reading your experiences!!
Take good care,

Pen said...

Congratulations! He is lovely! So smooth and cuddly. Thinking of you all.

Jen W.