Friday, June 1, 2007

Lady of leisure

I had my first half-day of work today. I was skipping around the office (figuratively, of course) all morning while I trained my fill-in. My manager wanted to meet with me this afternoon and I had to remind him of my new status. He is such a nice guy that he just grinned and made time to meet in the morning. I woke up feeling lots of cramping, pain, discomfort, and was having lots of contractions. I was wondering if this was It, and tidied up my desk a bit before leaving.

I met Canadian Friend for lunch at a nearby cafe, and we sat for a couple hours eating, chatting, and playing with her baby. It was peaceful (a la frisky 10-month old) lunch, and I drove home afterwards and took a two hour nap. The dogs were thrilled to get let out during the day, and I could hear their collars jingling from my bedroom as they frolicked in the hot sun chasing small animals and lounging with their tongues dangling on the ground. As for me, I dangled my tongue on the pillow with a fan directed right on me and slept soundly until my alarm woke me to go fetch Pequita from daycare. After the nap my belly discomfort had abated, so Homestead Mama, Pequita and I met the Canadians for dinner at the Hippie Cafe for dinner, then home to bed. All in all, a lovely day, and the weekend is still before us.

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