Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Stick a fork in me, I'm done

With work, that is. I'm having ever increasing and sharper pains in my nether bits & abdomen, and this combined with averaging only about 3 hours of sleep per night have rendered me low-functioning at work. I cried "Uncle" with my OB. He was fine with me stopping work at this point in the pregnancy. I'll take it easy now, do a couple things each day and rest a lot. I have some sewing to do - we need another sling or two, Homestead Mama needs some pants hemmed, and I have a whole pile of fabric to turn into baby clothes. Maybe I'll be able to do this now. I also want to get the baby gates mounted at the top and bottom of the stairs so Pequita and her friends are better corralled, now that they are crawling.

This was hard decision, as I wanted to keep working as long as I can and it is hard to throw in the towel. To add insult to injury, I will be a bit housebound now as our 2001 Toyota needs a new engine (goodbye, $3000) due to a missed oil leak and a 100 mile per day commute by Homestead Mama. She's now driving my beloved 1991 Volvo wagon to and from work, and I'll be driving the Toyota (her car) as little as possible, mostly to get Pequita to and from daycare 2.5 miles away. The car makes a rather disturbing engine noise and according to my mechanic will die shortly. I can just see me at 9 months pregnant walking home with Pequita after the engine seizes. Harumph. I will leave the Best Stroller In the World in the trunk just in case.

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