Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I was chatting with my mom this morning, catching up and commiserating about the discomfort I'm in and the heat wave that is here for the next week (ok, it is only mid-80s & muggy, but that is all it takes to elevate me to truly miserable.) We live about 6 hours apart, and I wish it was closer, especially now. The closer I get to delivery - and good christ, how much closer can I get? - the more I would like her around. It is harder and harder to handle Pequita these days - if I get a contraction while holding her it is scorching in my nether bits, and some good grandparent time would be lovely. Mom talked to Dad, and they decided to come tomorrow to stay for a while, through the deliver and a bit past it. I am a little worried that I'll go overdue by the max and they'll be bored, but I suppose that isn't entirely likely. My Dad will watch CNN and C-span at top volume and overhaul my computer system, as well as keeping me company with the ice cream consumption. Mom will play with Pequita and help with cooking - yum! Life will get better shortly. I can't wait. I'm already getting the guest room ready.

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