Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What price drive-ability?

$113, actually. My drive shaft bearings had gone bad, which caused the smoking & grinding. My beloved Volvo is saved from the knackers again.

One reason she is my beloved is that she actually has RUBBER BUMPERS. This means if I hit something gently, or someone bumps into me, there is bouncing, not the expensive crushing of plastic. This is a pet peeve of mine, that all new cars have nothing but plastic molded frames that cost a ton to replace - there is no repairing.

Anyway, all's well that end's well. Now we just have to hope that we have no more towing incidents until our AAA renews - this was our last free tow.


Anonymous said...

My pet peeve as well! It took me a good four months to figure out my new Honda DID NOT have rubber bumpers, and my DP is having fits about all the scratches in it already. I'm used to parking as close as I can to whatever cement is in front of me, usually touching it with the RUBBER bumper to make sure I'm up far enough, and lo and behold, this darn car doesn't have one. Don't ask me how I didn't notice that before -- I'm just not a car person. Ugh. I hope this trend goes away before I buy my next car in five years or so.

Homestead Mom said...

Debi, I'd think the insurance lobby would be screaming about the bumper designs, but I suppose it will be up to us, the consumers, who continue to pay elevated rates to cover a $2000 fender-bender (fender-crumpler?) that should be a simple bouncy nudge that leaves no mark. Grrr.