Friday, April 27, 2007

Thich Nhat Hanh meditation

I had a great 32 week OB checkup yesterday. Apparently, the concensus is that I am glowing and pregnancy suits me. This deflected my irritation over having gained 3.5 pounds in two weeks. (Damn Klondike ice cream bars.) Back to a low sugar diet for the duration. No sign of gestational diabetes, BP is normal-to-low, fetus is head down and facing the best way for no back labor (can't remember the name of the position). The doc gave me advice on tandem nursing (nursing two kids concurrently) which I hope to be able to do to some degree once Homestead Mama returns to work. It is starting to feel like we are nearing the end, which is exciting. Then the doc pointed out that the fetus will be doubling in size in the next 7 weeks or so. I looked down at my distended abdomen - god knows where it will fit. My ribs are already bowing out with the size of my ute (which explains the bruised feeling) and my belly button looks dangerously close to actually popping out. Clearly, I need to take some more belly pics to illustrate my concerns - I'll try to get those up soon. To cheer myself up, and to take advantage of a sunny afternoon out of my office, i popped in to the baby consignment store to check on what had come in since I was last there. I scored with a set of 5 cloth AIO diapers that were brand new and less than half the original cost. I also found a couple things Pequita can use, like non-dorky sun hats and a nice pair of blue cotton pants, and a little teeny bathing suit. Most are very ugly or plastered with ruffles, bows, sparkles or are way too sexy for a baby - what baby needs a bloomin' bikini? Not my kid. The suit I bought (for $2) is a white maillot with diagonal rainbow stripes. Modest, with just the right touch of gay. She'll be a stand out on the beach this summer, which is good since I'm starting to feel that I might not be at my loveliest presentation in a swim suit and I'll need the distraction.

Today, I'm having one of those days where I should have stayed in bed. My hormones are flowing freely, which is contraindicated for my busy office. A friend just emailed me asking to be reminded of a meditation from Thich Nhat Hanh (Google him if you aren't familiar!) and just writing it out and thinking about it for a couple minutes helped center me. Phew. Now, I share it with you. For those of you who already meditate, it is a great one to use. For those of you who believe that you can't/ won't/ have trouble meditating, it is all written out, you just have to recite it mentally while you breathe slowly in and out. How hard can that be? It is a really easy way to get calm, centered, and get started with mindful breathing. Have a go! (Feel free to trade out words with ones that address your specific anxiety or stress. )

Breathing in, I know I am breathing in. Breathing out, I know I am breathing out.
Breathing in, my in-breath has become deep. Breathing out, my out-breath has become slow.
Breathing in, I feel calm. Breathing out, I feel at ease.
Breathing in, I smile a half smile. Breathing out, I release my worries.
Breathing in, I dwell deeply in the present moment. Breathing out, I know this is a wonderful moment.
Breathing in, I see myself as a mountain. Breathing out, I feel solid.
Breathing in, I see myself as still water. Breathing out, I reflect things as they are.

On this peaceful note, I set up a massage appointment for myself next Friday, and I intend to go at least twice a month until I deliver. I could use the help with the mind/ body connection.

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