Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All's Well...

I have a hard time cheating on tests, even ones that taste awful, so yeah, I drank a whole new bottle of Glucola for my appointment this morning. We'll see how I score. I'd better not come back as at-risk for gestational diabetes, as I'm pretty sure that will get in the way of my Breyer's chocolate ice cream addiction. My OB is pleased with my pregnancy, as I have only had a very short list of the normal aches and pains, my blood pressure is great so far, and I've gained a total of 4 lbs in 30 weeks. The page in my file dedicated to troublesome issues, problems, and concerns is blank. His happiness about this flies in the face of Homestead Mama's attitude that I am having a 'problematic and difficult pregnancy' since it isn't like hers. She, however, is a physical mutant. The OB shakes his head and throws up his hands when he thinks back on her pregnancy. She played softball (as pitcher, for goodness sakes!) well into her seventh month, and was happily trotting around & going up and down stairs with ease for the duration until she went into labor. This makes her think that I am having an unfortunate experience, with my very sore & separating joints, fatigue & sleep interruptions, and my difficulty carrying around the 20+ lb baby we now have. Ahem. I regularly set her to rights, but will be insisting that our OB mention repeatedly how great I am doing - how average my experience is - when she next attends an appointment. And I very KINDLY don't bring up the fact that she never dilated or effaced, Pequita never descended, resulting in a c-section. Perhaps the fact that the kid was firmly ensconced comfortably within her barrel-shaped & waist-less (but very sexy and lovely) abdomen and not sitting in her pelvis EVER had something to do with it. Harumph.

My fabulous acupuncturist slipped me onto her schedule today for treatment right after my OB appt, as my neck was entering a spasm, and I just couldn't stand to have one more thing on my body feel like it was broken. Between the pregnancy-induced carpel tunnel in my right hand and the pinched nerve in my left shoulder/arm, I was dragging the kid around instead of picking her up. Luckily, she thinks it is a lovely game to slide across the bed (floor, counter, dining room table). I'm much better now.

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