Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Birth and Biking - a mistake?

I am due to deliver Monito/a (these days, a.k.a. Pele) on or about June 14.
I am due to go on vacation to a lovely Cape Cod location with idyllic biking opportunities on Aug 2.

From those of you who are in the know, is it worth it to strap my bicycle onto our car for the trip - will I even be able to sit on the bike seat, let alone ride it for miles, a mere 2 months after assaulting my hoohah with what I hope will be natural childbirth?

Considering that even now, with two months left to gestate, I feel like my pelvis is no longer one cohesive unit I'm thinking that biking isn't on my summer agenda, but I'd like to hear from you! I have a comments section, for, you know, comments.

(And sis, do you want me to bring it for you to ride even if I can't?)


Blue Hair Knits said...

You can try riding the bike the week before bringing it, but your hoohah shouldn't hurt by then. In fact, you could probably do fine riding the bike after two weeks. Unless of course you end up with chronic hemorhoids. But then you just don't want a banana seat.

Anonymous said...

If I end up with chronic hemorhoids, I'm not going to want a nether half, let alone a bike to perch it on. The joys of birth, eh?

Homestead Mom