Monday, April 23, 2007

Car Update

Apparently my drive shaft was seizing up, whatever that means. They were happy I had it towed in instead of trying to drive it in. I told them that the grinding sound aside, I cannot abide foul smells these days, and the burning rubber is now topping my list of smells I cannot tolerate while pregnant. It has been haunting me all day. Anyone want to guess how much this will cost? Safe to say probably either $30 like the last tow emergency or $400 like everything else. Beloved car aside, I am looking forward to having a newer car in a couple years.

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Momma Penguin said... much was the damage?? I once spent the equivalent of $1200 on a car, to keep it going for another couple of years. Two days later I went out to drive to work, only to find my dearly beloved had been crashed into over night. Totalled, no note, no nothing. I got around $1000 from my insurance...