Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Goodness gracious, I have arrived at 6 months pregnant. Still going strong. I have finally started the spread, having put on 3.5 pounds. While I am still on a grapefruit kick (I'm seriously considering adding Ruby Red to the names list) the broccoli craving has morphed into a love of garlic gnocchi, and the siren song of Breyer's chocolate ice cream gets me out of bed nightly.

The relaxin I'm producing is making my hips feel like they are separating, making it hard to get in and out of bed or up off the couch. My face is blotchy with pimples and red spots (??) that don't go away. I am still peeing too much and I am starting to have trouble carrying Pequita comfortably. Regardless, I am loving this, all of it. There is a lot more movement these days, and I have a quiet smile on my face much of the time as I feel Monito/a swishing around inside me. My OB today said that she never felt lonely when she was pregnant. That hits the nail on the head - it is like having an invisible friend, always with you and no one else has a relationship with them but you. Rather special. I feel quite glorious.

I popped into the used baby store on my way back to work after the OB appointment today and scored a couple of very snazzy things for Pequita to wear and a cheap ring sling. I've been meaning to make one for the last few weeks so I can be comfortable with her on me, but have had no time. Hopefully the hip carry will satisfy her, since I can't move around comfortably anymore with her perched right atop the bump that is her sibling - ouch! Perhaps my lovely sister will loan me her Ergo carrier for the duration of the upcoming parental visit so I can try it out and cut a pattern to make one if it works for us. (Hint hint, Sis.)


Kim said...

Uh, "used baby store" sounds like a place you go to get a replacement in case you accidentally drop yours. Or if yours happens to befall a much worse fate as seen on "Studio 60" last night. Gross. But of course you must mean "mama g".

Homestead Mom said...

yes, I mean the consignment shop for used baby items. they don't sell guillotine's there. :) Maya is the best sleeper we know of - we're keeping her!