Sunday, February 11, 2007


A few weeks ago we had our first good snowfall, and it has been under 20 degrees ever since, so it is still pretty and white here. We finally got Pequita all dressed up in her snow gear and went out with the dogs to play. It was downright balmy, having risen to 25 degrees and sunny. We propped her up against the willow stump in the backyard for the pic below. She didn't like the brightness of sun on snow, but didn't seem to mind the cold and loves to watch the dogs frolic. Ok, next time we'll rig some mittens up for her hands, since we certainly couldn't keep them inside her outfit.

In addition to her first outing w/ snow, she also has her first really stuffy nose. We don't know if it is a cold or a symptom of teething, but she sounds like a bulldog when she is breathing and keeps needing a lot of nose wiping. Which she hates, and screams in protest about. And needed a lot of while outside in the cold. (I don't know if you can properly see all this in the pic below, but she's got actual bubbles of snot.) Needless to say, we only spent about 20 minutes out today. Summer babies have it good, I think.

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