Monday, February 26, 2007


Peaches is Homestead Mama's Goffin cockatoo. She is almost 25 years old, and has her sweet moments. Much of the time, these are overshadowed by her squawky moments, but she is with us for the long haul. (Since parrots can live up to 80+ years, I'm not kidding about the long part.) Peaches and Pequita have a mutual fascination going on. They can gaze at each other for quite a while - Pequita will watch the bird in her cage flapping around and playing, and loves it when she comes out for a snack and flies around. Peaches will sit with her head pressed between the bars of her cage, one beady eye trained on Maya as she plays and giggles and talks.

Above is Peaches eating walnuts from the jar, and Pequita clearly admiring her manual dexterity. Thank goodness for the studies that cite that healthier and less asthmatic children are the ones raised in a healthy germ/allergen environment. We are counting on that being true.

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