Tuesday, February 6, 2007

21" waist to 21 week waist

I thought a belly picture would be a good idea right about now. Here's where I started:

(Like my starfish? It came with the suit.)

And here is where I was last week at 21 weeks along:

I know, I know. It isn't really a fair comparison, since I'm not in a bikini in both pics, but its the best I can do. In the 4 days since the belly pic was taken, I seemed to have popped out quite significantly. I'll take another at the 6-month mark. When Homestead Mama and I hug, it now feels like we're playing an ice-breaking party game and trying to pass a football to someone else without using our hands. It would be annoying if it weren't so WELCOME.

(In actuality, it took quite a while for the pregnancy belly to overtake the normal chubby belly and actually SHOW on film. Nothing much has changed on my body, but the waist I have always counted on as one of my good qualities is gone. And I don't miss it one bit.)

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