Monday, February 26, 2007

The Ravioli Incident

We have to eat, and sometimes the baby is in the way. We usually prepare easy food, food that clumps and is non-staining, when we are eating around the babe. Sunday night, Homestead Mama was enjoying a particularly tasty batch of ravioli in red sauce and we were watching a movie while Pequita slept on her lap. Then the ravioli slipped. It hit Pequita with such a splat that I could hear it across the room, and it woke her up. You can see the forehead bounce point, and the offending pasta on the floor. Moody the dog quickly took care of the mess - how do people without dogs keep their floors clean? We now have a rule about eating over the kid. Basically, don't.
I was relating the story to our daycare lady the next day - ha ha, so funny. She was chuckling as she told me that explained the sticky spot she had f0und in Pequita's hair. Ick. Sauce we had not seen in our desire not to turn on all the lights and wake her with the bath she so deserved. Parenting award, here we come.

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