Sunday, February 11, 2007

Monita/o at 17 weeks

One last photo blast for this weekend. I am now at about 23 weeks pregnant. Back in January, at the amnio, they took pictures for me during the ultrasound of the fetus. It is the last pic of the kid I'll see, I suspect, before it is in the flesh on the outside. I go to a married couple of hippie OBs, just the way I like it. They don't mess around with things that don't need fixing (quite the change, after hyper-interventionist IVF!) Homestead Mama went to them as well, and they didn't do an internal exam on her until almost 30 hours after her water broke. Boggles people's minds - apparently there is a lot of invasive & (arguably) unnecessary dilation checking that goes on these days.

So behold, a couple of bad photos of the u/s pics of Monita/o. (I should just get a scanner!) Looks like s/he'll have my wide feet.

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hottie friend said...

I have a scanner if you want it. It's in a box and I've never used it. But what's the point, since clearly I'm not getting any more pics of Monito until I can take them myself with my cell phone (like I do with Pequita, who loves it so much!) LOL I could TRY to get my own Monito pics now, but that would be a messy venture, no doubt. }:-P