Friday, January 2, 2009

While They Sleep

We've had a toy piano in the shape of a purple dinosaur in the downstairs bathroom for about a year now. It is what the kids amuse themselves with while they attend my toilette. [Becoming a parent means you don't poop without an audience for a few years.] Their interest has waned in banging on the pianosaurus, so I've been pondering what to replace it with [because their interest in being within 3 feet of me even while I go to the bathroom remains strong]. I found a mirrored shelf with metal drawers on the last thrift store trip. I took advantage of their early bedtime and used Modge Podge for the first time to cover up the ugly bar code design on the front of the drawers and hung it at their height on the bathroom wall. Oh, what a hit. They got right to work filling the drawers with just the right items. Pequita selected her wooden people that usually ride in her school bus, and Monito thought that it was the perfect new home for his measuring tape. And I get to look at something that isn't a purple plastic dinosaur. Win win.

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