Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day for night

Now that the carpenter is on leave for a few months, I've been napping the kids at home. We all get into the master bed and nurse, and if they doze off in less than 10 minutes we stay put. If not, I tuck each of them into their cribs, give them each a book and go downstairs. Usually they sing, chat and then conk out. Today, Monito cried for about 15 minutes, so I went up to calm him down. He had pooped, so one clean diaper and lots of reassurance about how mommy is just downstairs, along with promises of exciting shopping at Home Depot! once he woke up and I was back lying on the couch blogging. Quiet as a sleeping toddler upstairs. We've come a long way, baby.

I was talking recently with H-mama about getting them the hell out of our bed* and we kind of agreed that it would be a good idea to transition them to sleeping in their cribs IN THEIR OWN ROOM fairly soon. Then we'll shift them into big kid beds once they start endangering their lives by climbing out of their cribs on their own. You know, one big change at a time. *IF* we decide to have a third kid, we'll need the two we have out of the master bedroom anyway, but that is at least a year away since I wouldn't start trying until the spring.

*Pequita is, and has always been, a better sleeper than Monito. He sucks at it, waking frequently, dreaming loudly and with physical thrashings to accompany his noises, waking - still, at almost a year - every 2 or 3 hours to nurse. He's just started refusing his pacifier at night, preferring to wail loudly until I let him nurse. Pequita got through all this by herself, but clearly I'm going to be stuck training Monito. This is the main reason I'm willing to chuck the family bed and H-Mama is still pushing for it; her nighttime charge is pleasant, polite and warm to sleep next to, while mine is like a bear cub with a thorn in its paw trying to escape from a gunny sack.
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Anonymous said...

So glad the kids can nap in their own cribs now that the house is quieter without the construction. You can have alittle down time too which every Mom needs to have. Peace and rest to you all. Good news.