Thursday, January 29, 2009


The kids are a little young for mind-altering states, but surely do love to spin and spin until they fall down.

I offer for your viewing pleasure a video that maybe only my mother will enjoy, but here is how we spend our afternoons when playing with puzzles, clay and quieter work has become impossible. They prefer ABBA to all other music - they are my babies, after all - but the Waterboys will do in a pinch.


Anonymous said...

You're right! I've got the cutest little grandchildren ever. Just love the little dress twirling around as she spins and what a spinner she is! I'm sure that someday she will be spinning on her toes.
The hand clapping stomper is also so much like what I would expect from the Granddad's genes running through his veins. I'm sure there will be a drumstick in his hands someday. What out roadies here I come.
Just too cute.
Everything is covered in ice right now and very cold. Yesterday Brett next door fell on the ice and broke both bones in his lower right leg. They called to get your doctors name at N.E.Baptist Hospital. The little water hole on our front walk was a swimming pool yesterday so dad made a ramp for the next time it thaws. Ugg.

aws said...

We also love to spin and dance, the latest favorite? The Chicken dance. Embarrassing but true.

Kim said...

i love the twirling.

pequita ate my cookie tonight. baby: 1; kiko: 0. :(