Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Nation

We were graciously invited to an inauguration party at a friend's house. It was a lovely place to be - spill-proof radiant heat floors, lots of toys and excited people with whom to share the event. The kids toasted their juice boxes as Obama gave his inaugural address. They love a good excuse to toast.

We followed up a lovely morning of toddlers playing and adults glued to CNN coverage with a frolic in the pool. Monito had a second nap on the way home he was so tuckered out.

I was the only person there hanging on to two kids. What in the world do people DO with a third young one? Stay home, is all I can figure. It must be very limiting; two is already challenging in risky areas like playgrounds and around water.


Becca said...

It was a special day here too! But no swimming! That would have made it perfect!

Grandma said...

What fun to swim and watch television with friends for such a great event in history. Indeed I did cry with such hope for our country. Finally a president that will at least be clear thinking and get us out of Iraq.
The little scooters look so much fun from Pop-Pop. I bet the kids love to ride around on them. Can I have a ride?
A third child does present many a problem. Many outings do not occur unless on weekends when their are two adults to help. Sometimes I hired a mother's helper to do something fun or we would go two mothers together to help each other (Angela and I would go together) One of us would go for a swim while the other watched the kids or took one of our children into the water for a lesson without the life jacket on.
Best to wait until one of the first two children is ready for nursary school before the third if possible as then at least you have three mornings a week with just two or one to care for.