Friday, January 2, 2009

Pretend Soup

I gave the book Pretend Soup to Homestead Mama for Christmas. She is REALLY looking forward to doing concrete activities with our kids, and cooking is something she loves and wants to share with the babes. I also bought the kids a veg peeler to start learning with, and yesterday the boy and his Mama made carrot pennies. Monito needed help to peel the carrots, but very much wants to participate so Mama helped him hold the peeler and apply enough pressure to do the job. Then Mama sliced and they both steamed them. He was so proud, and the kids are still eating them by the handful. Below, I asked him to show me the carrots, and he opted to show me the ones he was chewing in stead of the ones in the bowl. That's my boy.


Momma Fox said...

Oh, I can so relate to this. I cannot wait to do actual activities. Baking, arts & crafts...a couple more years I thought, but this post gives me hope that it will be sooner!

Anonymous said...

So your son is showing you the half chewed food in his mouth... quite cute in a child, but don't let it become a lifetime habit. (my adorable wife still does this to me, and she is way too old for this stuff...)