Sunday, August 31, 2008


My brother died fifteen years ago this weekend. Hard to believe. Most upsetting is that his presence is indeed fading in some ways as the years go by.

I'm thinking of you, Jay.

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Anonymous said...

Dad and I went to the cemetary and had a picnic. We planted mum plants on our grave site and at Larrabees too. Tim called us to say he was thinking of us. Needless to say, the years have passed, but we do not forget. I miss not holding his children or seeing what he is doing in his life. Oh the heartache it still causes his mother and father. We love you dearly and know we will never forget our offspring no matter how long time passes. I still think of the first baby I lost. Thank goodness the pain is not as strong as it was the first year after each loss. I could not stand it if it were so. Time is a good thing - do not fear it, be grateful for it. It all makes life even more precious. I love you and yours so much. As always, Mom