Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Party Like It Is, Well, Today

Go here and make custom party hats.  I did it today with the kids and had to take pictures with my Ooooolllldddd 35 mm non-digital camera.  I'll post them when I get the disc back in the mail in, I don't know, nine weeks?

I am getting excited for fall now, as the nights are warranting long pajamas for the kids and no window fans for H-Mama and I, finally.  I LOVE fall.  Summer used to be my time, when I cared not a whit about skin cancer or covering the less nubile, more comfortable & womanly figure I now sport.  Now, I love getting out my woolens and my denim and corduroy.  Pequita, who earned me a bad rep as a mother last winter for REFUSING to wear a hat, even on negative degree days, is now so very into hats that I am going to let her fondle my yarn stash [oh, embarrassment, it fills two, count them two, cedar footlocker trunks and a few odd boxes] and select her own colors & fibers for some hats.  She loves pompons, which is good, because my no-pattern easy as pie recipe for no fail hats has anywhere from 3 - 6 of them.  Email me for direction if you knit. 

[Mama Fox, I'll be sending a new size appropriate one for The Cutest Redhead In the UK, since I failed so miserably last year to get you a nice welcome-baby present in a timely manner.]

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Momma Fox said...

We miss you H Mom! Come back, all is forgiven. Seriously, I hope all is well. We don't need pics, we love the words.